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I’m (almost) on a boat!

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Well, not yet.

I’ve been looking at sailboats. I considered a motor boat for a minute but decided I didn’t want to spend money on fuel every time I went somewhere.

I moved to South Florida because eventually I want a really nice sailboat like the one Hugh Howey has. I’ve always loved that look and think that a catamaran will suit me. For now, though, something a bit smaller to start out with.


There is a nice 27′ Jack Helms sitting on a dock about five minutes from my house that is for sale at a decent price. I have been over there a couple times to see it. Looks like it’d be pretty decent.

Though I have seen an ad for a larger sailboat that has had its diesel engine replaced with an electric motor. I have to say, that intrigues me, but the guy is really slow to respond to my emails.

Can I sail? Well, I don’t have a ton of sailing experience. I mean, I’ve seen people sailing and I know the act involves ropes, sails, some wind, and strange lingo.  How hard can it be?

I’ll just sit abaft the shrouds and admire the lazy jacks while hoping I don’t toss my lunch into the gash fanny. See? Lingo.


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