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Editor Help WantedNeeded.

This is the first book of a planned series and as I approach completion of the first draft, I have Help Wanted!started looking for an editor with which I can form a lasting relationship.

This book, Downgrade (working title), is the first of a series I am naming Sunstrike.

I’ve run the first Chapter through several revisions and critiques but the later chapters are fairly raw.

The majority of my errors are going to be point-of-view issues, excessive prepositional phrases, and adverbs and of course, typos.

I’m interested in making sure my story is cohesive and the characters are consistent in their behaviors and relatable to the reader.

I am not ready to hire the editor as of yet but would be open to starting a dialog and perhaps a sample read of a short chapter or a few pages.

It might be beneficial to work with someone initially though in order to prevent me from continuing to make the same mistakes throughout the text.

Short Description

The series investigates a possible future where Earth is struck by multiple, extremely powerful coronal mass ejections from the Sun including the accompanying higher frequency radiations such as X and Gamma.

The results of the initial impact appear to be superficial radio outages but the characters quickly learn the damages are much worse as riots and abnormal behavior seem to break-out. Insanity among a large percentage of the population is coupled with the loss of every type of electronic device.

Empty Roads

Yeah, kinda like that.

The protagonists are a group of moderately skilled Army soldiers and a handful of key civilians.

Cheyenne Mountain AFB

Cheyenne Mountain AFB

They must escort a knowledgeable scientist to Cheyenne Mountain AFB where they hope to find some remnant of the US Government. They need to traverse half the midwest, mostly on foot or horseback.




Not quite this level of lunatic

Near the end of book one, the group will encounter a town run by a raving lunatic who has turned the “blank” people or insane people into slaves. The protagonists won’t stand for that


and will attempt to free the slaves before continuing their mission.

You can find Chapter One here.


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  • Albert says:

    Hi. I am a proven editor, and I would be glad to discuss this with you. I am affordable and work quickly.


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