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How I Plan on Exposing Myself!

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Publish the first book as soon as it’s ready.

publish asap

How I plan on exposing myself, in this scenario, a writer would publish a book as soon as it has been edited and corrected. I think this is what most people do and they do it for the same reason I would consider it. They want to see the results of their labor. I’d like to know if a story is going to work or not before I invest months of time writing sequels. What good is a sequel to a book nobody cared for in the first place? Which brings me to option #2. This would put me in the Autumn to release book 1.

publish multipleWait and publish 3-5 of the first books at the same time.

Here, a writer would create the first several books in a series and publish them all at the same time with the idea that a reader will just buy all three so they can read one after the other. I suppose this also appeals to a reader knowing there are additional books already available because, like me, I prefer books that are a part of a series. The problem with this approach is closely related to the initial approach of publishing each book as soon as they’re done, and that is, you could end up investing a ton of time in a story that nobody wants to read and you won’t know that until you are already a year or more in the hole. This means no Sunstrike for you until mid-late 2017, maybe 2018.

Break each book into episodes and publish them weekly or monthly.

public episodesI’m tempted to try this. I’ve seen it work for other authors, but, it’s a little annoying because instead of paying once for a book, I have to pay once a week or month to continue reading the story. This is attractive as hell for an author though because when people stop buying the next and next episodes, just stop writing them. Also, it gives an author a much more stable income, it keeps them on the new releases lists and gives the author a lot more feedback on their writing than a single book would. With this option, I could theoretically release the first episode in a couple of weeks. I already have material enough for several episodes already.

Just write and publish as you go without regard to the results.

This one should be fairly obvious. Write a book, publish it, write next book. What this idea is doing is basically, to me anyway, saying screw it, I’ll do it my way. The author would write book after book and hopefully, eventually, it takes off. I mean, if a guy has 10 books out he must be doing it right, right? It lends pseudo-credibility to the author.

What are your thoughts? How do you think I should publish Sunstrike?

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