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Shock Therapy to Correct Bad Habits

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Because, WHY NOT?! Go get one and fix those bad habits!



About the Product
  • Pavlok is a wearable that helps break bad habits and reduce cravings using vibration, beep, and a mild electric stimulus
  • Break bad habits such as smoking, nail biting, wasting time online, poor eating habits and sleeping in
  • Based on 80+ years of scientific research, and used by thousands of people
  • Pavlok doesn’t require a smartphone (press the button while doing a bad habit to create a negative association / reduce urges)
  • Pair Pavlok with your iOS or Android device to enable smart features – apps and sensor integrations.
  • Product includes the module, the wristband, a Micro-USB recharging cable, a quick start guide, instruction manual, and [Evidence] Booklet
  • Lightweight, durable, “one size fits all” wristband
  • Pavlok’s battery life is 5-6 days on average
  • New apps released every month

Go get one!

Or… I think you could just pinch yourself.

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