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I struggle with editing

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There are several ways to go about editing but let’s start with writing.

I write Chapter 1.

I write Chapter 2.

The next time I write, I review and revise Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

I write Chapter 3.

Next time I review Chapter 1 and 2 and revise Chapter 3.

You can see where this is going. Every time I write a chapter I go back and review what I’ve already written.

Every time I review something, I modify it slightly to better suit the needs of the story. Sometimes I make modifications that I really shouldn’t have. It’s my first book, after all.

Then comes the critique! When I think I have a chapter fairly well done, I ask for critiques from other people. Critiques are awesome because they see things I don’t and readers aren’t in my head when I’m writing something so if I assume a reader will know a certain thing and it turns out, they don’t, then I can tweak the text.

The downside of the critique is that it often causes me some serious doubt. I’ve been told I describe too much so I ripped out tons of content. Someone else then said, “no, I love descriptions, you should leave those in.” This goes on and on until, I either give up, give in, or stop giving a shit.

I read on one of my favorite author’s blogs that a person needs to write all the time, which is why this blog is here. He goes on to say that through constant writing a person will find their “voice”. I’m pretty sure I know my voice but apparently it’s too long winded and doesn’t punctuate itself appropriately and, of course, is passive.

So these are my challenges:

  1. Stop revising things constantly. (This post for instance, already 7 revisions and I’m not even planning on publishing it for 16 more hours!)Editors
  2. Make better use of active verbs.
  3. Stop obsessing over the little things until the first draft is complete.

I could also use an editor. I’ve asked a couple of people for assistance, but, I think there is more to my story than they expected and they quietly slink away. Hell, I’d just like to have a couple people read my story and let me know, generally, what they think. Is it worth continuing? I am pouring hours upon hours into this endeavor and I want to make sure I am investing my time wisely.

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