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Reading vs Writing, Part I

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I love that I can read and escape into another place for a time. Entire worlds were opened to me as a child and while growing up that I couldn’treader have imagined on my own. If I hadn’t had a big brother who enjoyed reading books, I probably never would have read anything either. I’m glad he did though because that influenced my reading.

Growing up, I read some amazing fiction. I was hooked mostly on Fantasy and Science Fiction because those  were likely to be different enough from reality that I could truly escape into their worlds.

Typed-WriterIn school, I wrote the occasional short story and through college I continued to take a writing class here or there mostly because I knew I could put forth a modicum of effort and get an “A”. None of those classes prepared me for the joy I experience writing, today.

I never tried to write seriously before because I believe a person needs to have experiences in order to shape their writing. Now, older, I have had some experiences. 

For a couple of years, I have been compiling story ideas. This year I chose one and started writing it.

Do you want to know what convinced me that it was time to stop procrastinating and start writing?

I wanted a new laptop but I couldn’t really justify the purchase if it was for pleasure so I told myself it was for writing! I’m so gullible.


Asus UX501 Zenbook


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