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Reading vs Writing, Part 2

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Anyway, I was going to tell you about writing vs reading. I have learned that, in writing, I am able to escape in the exact same way as when I read but now, instead of being at the mercy of some author’s ideas, I create them. Writing the story is like zoning out or into a good book, losing myself in the story. When I’m in the groove, I can sit and crank out thousands of words without realizing it, all while enjoying the story I’m creating.

It is a great experience to write and create a new world from my imagination. One in which I can introduce any type of character I want, I can set up any specific events or plots that I feel like and of course, I can kill any character I want, whenever I want, and however I want. I found it rather cathartic.


game-of-thrones-red-wedding-robb-deathNow I think I understand why George RR Martin wrote the Red Wedding, this being a chapter where an entire family line is annihilated, into his books.



I actually laughed after I killed my first character. I told my wife I’d finally done it, I’d finally killed __CharacterName__ which I won’t spoil for you.

...and I was all like...

…and I was all like…

Do you want to know why I killed the character? I was frustrated because I kept calling him by the wrong military rank. I know, it was my fault and he didn’t deserve to die simply because I was too lazy to check my notes.

Tough shit!

My world, my rules!

My point isn’t killing characters brings joy, but rather its realizing that writing taps into my brain the same way as reading.

But, as a writer, I can control the outcome and choose what is important and what isn’t.

I hope.

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