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Writing Software? yWriter or Scrivener.

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I’ve been looking for a decent writing program for a couple of months now. I have moved back and forth between Scrivener and Google Docs but I tried yWriter again today and I think I’m sold.

I imported an RTF of my manuscript and yWriter clicked everything into place for me.

I added some characters and then clicked on the option to automatically find the characters in my chapters and it worked very well.

I did the same with my locations and items!

Now I know which chapters have an M82a in them and which ones don’t.

Also, yWriter is free.

yWriter 6 and Scrivener

I think the original problem I had with yWriter was the default yWriter page is for version 5.  The screenshots for v5 look dated.

If you go to the yWriter 6 screenshots you can see that the UI design has been improved.

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